Last update: April 2019

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What You Need To Know About iOS 12’s Provisional Notifications

iOS versus Android is one of the great rivalries of the modern era, and there are enough pros and cons to each operating system for a lengthy debate.

However, when it comes to push notifications, iOS has a particular disadvantage to Android: its opt-in feature. For iOS when a user opens a new app for the first time (or sometime early in their usage), they receive the option of whether to receive push notifications or not. With Android phones, the user receives them automatically as they opt in automatically when they install the app, and have to go into Settings to opt out.

The fact that iOS apps have an opt-in rate of roughly 40%, compared to Android’s 74%, shows that advertisers are missing out on a vital portion of their customer base.

However, that all changed with the new Provisional Push feature offered in iOS 12.

What Is Provisional Push?

With the provisional push feature, apps on the iPhone 12 get a chance to reach out to the user before they opt into notifications. To set up provisional notifications, the app will have to register with iOS from their end. 

With this feature enabled, apps will be able to deliver notifications almost in stealth mode. They make no sound, and instead of appearing on the lock screen, they go straight to the iOS Notification Centre, which the user can then access by swiping down from the top of their screen.

Once the user interacts with the notification, they will then receive the option of whether to keep or turn off notifications from this particular app.

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If they opt in to keep receiving notifications, they will be able to choose whether to have them as overt push notifications or to continue coming in quietly through the Notification Center.

How Will This Affect iOS Apps?

This is without a doubt great news for iOS apps, as they now have another chance to reach the iOS market. Not only should this drastically increase opt-in rates for iOS apps, but it also provides users the option to receive notifications in two different formats: either directly to their lock screen, or to the Notification Center.

This is a great opportunity for apps to connect with a target base they wouldn’t normally have access to. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you continue to send out engaging, highly personalized notifications that put your user’s schedule and convenience first.

In all of these aspects, OpenBack provides the ideal solution for you to take maximum advantage of iOS’s new Provisional Notifications feature. With our hybrid approach to delivering notifications, boosted by machine learning and complex use of device-side data, we guarantee the tools you need to tailor your notifications to the users who will benefit most from them. Read more about our unique product, or check out our FAQ for some quick answers.