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Push notification costs are reduced given OpenBack device-side decisions does much of the work

Even for tens of millions of users, standard package supports all requirements for most OpenBack customers, so it is easy to increase engagement while improving customer experience. Customer audience segmentation is can be done locally on the user’s device, meaning many backend integrations aren’t necessary.


Pricing Label


Reducing from


/ Month / Current Install (Audience)

Dashboard & all mobile SDKs

Unlimited Notifications

Guaranteed Delivery

Advanced Marketing Automation

Dynamic Notifications (Post Delivery Update)

Auto Language Support

20+ User Audience Segment Trigger Groups

25+ Delivery Moment Trigger Groups

Machine Learning Triggers

Full Notification Analytics

Audience Estimation & Predictions

Advanced Deep Links

Message Frequency Limits

Attribution Tags

OpenBack Metrics & Messages App

Unlimited User Seats

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Everything in Growth with options for:

Client APIs - Message Campaigns

Message Payloads

Mobile App Inbox

Compliance & Data Protection Features

Phone Support

Enhanced User Role Control


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Everything in Growth with options from Pro and for:

Client API - Custom Reporting

High Velocity APIs

Advanced Multi-Variate Testing

Intelligent Routing - Omni-channel Orchestration

Multi-App Management (Cross App Coordination)

User Data Streaming

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Custom Solutions

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