OpenBack delivers x12 times the Interaction Rate compared to Push Notifications.   The core driver of this increase is because of guaranteed delivery for push notifications, given OpenBack's unique local notification delivery engine.

Intelligent Delivery & Management

Allows any mobile app to do the best possible job of delivering app to user messaging in a user centric way, typically leading with notifications but also across many other message types including SMS and email.

Retention, Winback & Re-engagement

For many mobile apps, notifications are the main way to re-engage with users and get them back into your mobile app.

Traditionally, these are some of the most difficult notifications to send to users, as you want to engage with them at the right moment for them, and avoid them opting out of being able to contact them again, or worse uninstalling your mobile app.

OpenBack’s capabilities are perfect for subtle, user centric campaigns to re-engage with users in the most positive way possible.

OpenBack’s platform brings huge benefit to mobile apps that see Mobile App Notifications as a key customer engagement channel.


OpenBack’s platform provides all the tools and functionality to customise notifications to create the best user experiences with personalised content and trigger that work for each user individually at the best moment for them.

Capture your mobile app audience by personalising messaging experiences through variations of your messaging content.


All campaigns and notifications can be one off for each user, or recurring - when your mobile app users receive your message at the exact moment it’s needed, they’ll keep coming back to your app over and over again.

Easy to Use Platform

Once the OpenBack library is installed inside your app, then all the technical work is done, and everything can be controlled from the state of the art Campaign Manager.

Sending out notifications can be configured in advance, or sent out immediately.  The campaign manager has three simple steps to send out a notification campaign:

Select Campaign Settings: Begin by setting up your campaign dates, whether you will use control groups to A-B test things and which app or apps the message will be sent to.

Select Message Type & Content: Define which type of message to send, fill in your content and links, apply any recurring delivery settings and review what your campaign will look like to your user in real-time.

Add Context Triggers: Choose which, if any, of the 30+ contextual triggers will decide when the notification will be shown to the user.   As soon as you hit save, the campaign is live for all of your users.


Marketers today will send a message based on any given time that they believe will lead to the highest engagement, but it’s just an educated guess.

Take advantage of contextual triggers to execute the perfect delivery of your message. OpenBack is seeing a huge increase in interaction with Smart Notifications over traditional push. Our customers are seeing over 70+% interaction with messages, meaning more customers are seeing their messages and taking actions that lead them back into the apps.

Smart Notifications have proven to directly impact the success rate of mobile marketing campaigns.

Drive Analytics KPI’s with Actionable Messaging

Every notification is actionable and with one click brings your user back into your app, and to just where you want to bring them inside your mobile app.

Fully track and analyze the results of each campaign to identify individual engagement bottlenecks and better understand overall notification performance.

Create messages that are not only clickable, but actionable. Enable your user to take actions within the app by deep-linking your message to a specific point within your app. All created or updated with no coding or software releases required.

Get unparalleled user level insights with visibility into each campaign to see the number of messages sent, number of interactions and interaction % achieved to measure the effectiveness of your notifications. Drill down to view individual campaigns and improve upon existing interaction rates.

OpenBack works alongside your existing mobile analytics tools. Smarter notifications drive better interactions within your app, giving you more usable data to report on. Vastly increasing the top of your funnel, will result in more users having better quality interactions within your app.

Cost Savings

OpenBack™ is often better value than traditional enterprise push notification providers, please contact us for more details.

By using OpenBack’s Intelligent Routing feature set businesses can now optimise across message types, often sending notifications first, and if unengaged with, only then sending out emails or SMS’s, creating huge cost savings.