Full Notification Management

Everything to manage notifications before and after delivery.

Multiple Message Types

Notifications, Interactive Notifications, Interactive Display Messages, In-App Messaging, SMS, Email

Multi-App Management

For businesses with several different apps.

Intelligent Routing & Orchestration

Across message types, multiple apps and multiple devices.

Notification Personalisation

Personalise content in real-time

Easy Deep Link Use

Simple shortcuts for deep linking from campaigns in a few clicks.

Control Group Test

A-B test notification campaigns

Post Delivery Update

Update or remove notifications

User Message Limits

Manage maximum velocity and frequency

User Centric Triggers

Deliver the message to the user at the perfect moment for them and the business.

Recurring Delivery Settings

Control how often a notification is delivered depending on interactions and time.

Access 40+ groups of Device Triggers

A full range of ready to use device triggers for real-time context campaigns

Leverage event & analytic tags

Use custom events as input triggers to campaigns.

Most Popular Triggers

Time scheduling, location, other apps installed, device unlock, app open, install date

Custom Data Triggers

Use other app data or other back end data to trigger campaigns in combination with any other triggers, click here for more details.

Tiny SDK Size

Less than 300 kB for iOS or Android.

Multi-platform Support

iOS, Android, Windows Mobile*, Unity, Cordova/PhoneGap

Local Caching of Rich Media Notifications

All content and media is cached locally on the device, meaning videos play instantly.

Low Battery Consumption

Independent lab testing confirmed OpenBack consumers marginally less power than dumb push notification 3rd parties/brokers.

Technology & Platform: OpenBack Engine

Secure, reliable high volume platform.

Fixed Region Platform

Control whether your data is stored in our EU or US data centers.

CRM Integration

Easy integration modules into leading CRM platforms.

Campaign API

Create, edit and delete all campaigns using our full featured RESTful API.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

Full 3rd party email service provider integration.

Reporting API

Retrieve reporting data on call campaigns, messages and users via RESTful API.

SMS Provider Support (SMPP/SMSC)

Full 3rd party SMS service provider integration.

Data Deletion Management

Configurable data deletion policies.

Enterprise Ready Platform to Instantly Build Amazing Notification Campaigns On.


Please contact us if you require full details on our data centre certifications, data policy or data journey mappings.