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OpenBack was founded on the belief that mobile notifications have become the primary interface for mobile devices, driving what users do every day.

Frustrated with how clumsy and clunky push notifications were everywhere, the team knew that a better way for mobile apps to do notifications would emerge and that they were in a great position to lead that evolution of notifications to become truly user centric.

The team set about rebuilding how things should work, always from the user’s point of view, unconstrained by current technology norms and mass acceptance that traditional push notifications are up for the task at hand.

One of OpenBack’s core observations, and hence a core part of the patent and IP portfolio, is that each mobile app, beside each user, should manage and control the delivery and ongoing management of notifications in a personalised, yet scalable way.

Every business and hence almost every mobile app wants to talk to their customer as often as possible, but without upsetting that user, which could result in an notifications being blocked forever, or worse the mobile app being uninstalled.  OpenBack helps companies manage that balance effectively.

OpenBack is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies to deliver amazing notifications experiences to their customers and users.

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Company Values

Notifications are the Primary Mobile Interface

Driving what users do first when they pick-up their phone, it is vital that apps take a user centric approach, not available through regular push notifications.

Care Deeply About All Users

Everything OpenBack has built is to help make great user experiences when it comes to notifications, the center of the future mobile eco-system. At the center of everything is the user.

Simple & Concise

Marketing, and more specifically marketing automation is littered with promises and over-used homogeneous phrases and terminology. Keep it simple, say it straight, be logical.


Meet the Senior Team

David Shackleton - Chairman

David has over 10 years of entrepreneurial and product experience in disruptive mobile technologies deployed to billions of people. Prior to co-founding OpenBack, David was cofounder and COO at Ding.com where he is now a Non-Executive Director. Ding enables anyone to instantly add value to any one of 3.5 bn mobile phones back home in another country and has millions of active purchasers. David grew up in Ireland and earned his degree in Computer & Electronic Engineering from Trinity College Dublin before working as a strategy consultant in the US and Europe.


Christian Ryder - Chief Technology Officer

Christian is a skilled mobile technologist who has repeatedly worked on ground breaking technologies for leading companies including Ericsson and Elavon as well as his own initiatives. Christian holds an honours degree in commercial software development from WIT. Christian’s depth of technical experience and leadership has enabled the unlocking of user centric notifications that appear simple to the app and user.


Brian Bennett - Commercial Director

Senior Sales Professional, building high-performance teams in technology, marketing and digital sales, delivering significant revenue growth. Proven track record in overachieving on targets through developing and delivering on marketing and sales strategies. Consistent in generating and increasing revenue growth through motivating, training and enabling sales teams.


 Board of Directors

OpenBack has a world class board of directors who between them have created many global technology businesses, leading their markets and with millions of daily customers.

North America

Mountain View, California,
United States

800 W El Camino Real,
Mountain View,
CA 94040,
United States.
+1 (415) 871-2476

Europe / Headquarters

Dublin, Ireland
1st Floor,
65 Main Street,
Co. Dublin,
A94 X8P5,
+353 1 685 4890

United Kingdom

London, England
2nd Floor,
Shaftesbury House,
151 Shaftesbury Avenue,
United Kingdom.
+44 20 3740 1671

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