Our mission is to make every mobile app more engaging every day

Push notifications have become the primary mobile interface, driving what we do everyday.

OpenBack was founded on the belief that push notifications have become the primary interface for mobile devices, driving what users do every day - and frustrated with how clumsy and clunky push notifications were everywhere, the team knew that a better way for mobile apps to do notifications would emerge and that they were in a great position to lead that evolution of notifications to become truly user centric.

The team set about rebuilding how things should work, always from the user’s point of view, unconstrained by current technology norms and mass acceptance that traditional push notifications are up for the task at hand. One of OpenBack’s core observations, and hence a core part of the patent and IP portfolio, is that each mobile app, beside each user, should manage and control the delivery and ongoing management of notifications in a personalised, yet scalable way.

Every business and hence almost every mobile app wants to talk to their customer as often as possible, but without upsetting that user, which could result in an notifications being blocked forever, or worse the mobile app being uninstalled. OpenBack helps companies manage that balance effectively.

Team Values

Visionary & Global

Be pioneers and thought leaders, solving the biggest problems with push notifications and engagement that help all mobile users and mobile apps.

Commit, Get Sh*t Done & Deliver

Always deliver - aiming to exceed the expectations we set for our customers and most importantly their users.

User First

OpenBack will accelerate the improvement of push notifications, which are becoming the primary mobile interface. We must always have mobile users in mind to achieve this.

Simple, Open & Helpful

Always OpenBack platform is to make it easy for clients to create great user experiences with push notifications in as simple and easy a way as possible.

Respect Everyone

Respect each other, our customers, their users and everyone we engage with.