While it’s not the case for every mobile app, the goal of retention is to maintain the highest possible rates as it’s much cheaper to retain existing users than to attract new ones. Notifications can be used as a valuable tool for delighting frequent users and winback those who need gently reminders from time to time. Ultimately, if you can send less notifications but in turn guarantee higher engagement rates, your retention rate should follow suit.

A good retention rate for top app marketers should be around 40% retention (after 30 days), 30% (after 60 days) and 20% (for 90 days).

App owners who can maintain strong retention rates are doing a good job at keeping user happy and engaged for longer periods of time. Retained customers are much more likely to continue using your app, pay for additional services, share with friends and stay loyal to your brand or company. For this article, we thought to share our top 8 ways to help drive positive retention rates:

1) Optimizing App On-boarding – Properly setup system dialogue messages to encourage more users to opt-in to your notifications. Prompt after users have already engaged with the app and explain why a user will get your message to improve success rates.

2) Sending Multiple Message Types – Mix it up using standard notifications and rich media message types to display your content in a way that makes sense visually.

3) Contextual Device Triggers – Use user context to feed into every campaign, leveraging data points and machine learning for optimal delivery.

4) Personalization – Customize messages to each user by adding data from your app or backend systems. Users are more likely to respond if the message includes their names.

5) Predicative Analytics/Machine Learning – Combine usage history, user preferences, context and just about anything else to guarantee better user experiences and positive results.

6) A/B Testing & Control Groups – Test content and send the messages that perform best. Make sure users care about what you have to say.

7) Setting Display Limits – Control limitations for how many notifications users can be received within a period of time and include fallback preventing notifications from getting delivered at the wrong time.

8) Understanding Your Data – View the performance of each campaign by tracking messages delivered, clicked, dismissed and interacted with. Use the findings as inputs for monitoring further mobile analytics.

You can use these metrics and calculate what your current retention rate is, then strategize a plan to improve those figures so your app doesn’t get left off user’s devices after one use. It’s better late than never to start thinking about user retention and the ways in which it’s affected by your next mobile marketing campaigns.